Rules Greybeards 2

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Rules Greybeards 2

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:07 am

1. Don't take personal dinos without permission.

2. No stealing or borrowing other people's items without asking, or you will risk a ban.

2. When you come online:
    - Check/fill feeding through
    - Check/fill dung beetle
    - Check/fill plant species x

3. Refill when you use something.

4. Don't raid on this server without permission. You will risk a permanent ban.

5. Dont say things in chat that will negatively effect greybeards. If you do so, you will receive a official warning.

6. If you are saving resources for a specific item or structure, make a new box for it. So other people won't accidentaly use your resources

7. Be productive. If you are bored, check the mission boxes and help the tribe out.

8. Tribe goals have priority over personal goals.

9. No pro- or demoting without counseling with tribe leader(s)

10. Don't breed with other people's dino's without permission. Even not when it's a male.

11. If you are having a issue, tell a leader about your problem. Do not spam PSN chat or any other chat.


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